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Everyone whom I recommended The Sustainable Market to
has continuously thanked me and has become a regular customer.
I look forward to what each season has to bring.

– Dominika, Waterloo Market

Latest News

Fresh Bread Available Every Week!

Rye Porridge Sourdough Bread from Golden Hearth Bakery, Kitchener Did you know the Sustainable Market offers fresh bread for sale each week? Much of it is baked the morning of the Market and is still warm when it arrives at our sorting centre. Golden Hearth Bakery in...

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Kale, What Is It Good For?

Sure, it's good for compost. But can you actually learn to love this leafy fall vegetable that looks more like Sideshow Bob's hair (on a good day) than a health food? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Kale chips, I promise you, are delicious. You definitely don't need...

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Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

The cooler days of fall are here and with that comes Thanksgiving meal planning! This week, we're featuring fresh, organic cranberries from Patience Fruit & Co. Find them listed under Pfennings. Not sure whether you'll have time to make cranberry sauce from...

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