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I look forward to what each season has to bring.

– Dominika, Waterloo Market

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Sugar Cookies are a Health Food

A Great Alternative to Traditional Wheat Flour Now that we've got your attention, let's talk about how ancient grains such as Khorasan (better known by its trademarked name, Kamut) are making a comeback. You may have heard of Kamut as it is often used in organic...

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Persimmons – Weird and Wonderful

Persimmons are an odd duck of the fruit world. When sliced, they look a bit like an unripe tomato. The texture has been described as similar to an apricot and the flavour is mild and sweet, even honey-like. The peel, which can be eaten, is a bit tougher than an...

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Cocoon Apothecary: A Product for Every Body—and Face

Kitchener's Cocoon Apothecary Makes a Wide Range of Earth-Friendly Products With harsh winter weather approaching, thoughts often turn to how best to keep from looking like the Cryptkeeper. Not to worry; we've got your back! And, well, your face. We offer a large...

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