We all have different reasons for eating the way we do.

Some of us eat local, others eat organically, and for others, affordability is king. We believe in bringing every household (whether small or large) affordable, high quality goods from farms and producers that meet our very strict standards. This is why we operate with no membership fees, and disclose with pride, where we are sourcing YOUR food from.

We only serve food from farms that use sustainable farming practices.

That means no harmful sprays, no GMO plants or seeds, and maintaining a healthy approach to the land and our pollinators! When we don’t have a personal relationship with the producer (think dried legumes, sugar, popcorn kernels, etc.), we guarantee certified organic. Let’s face it, in this busy world, it’s hard to meet your farmers and food producers. We’ll provide you with updates on our farms, who they are, where they are, and why we are proud to support them.

We carry all types of things to make healthy living easy.

Plus, because we operate using a pre-order format, there is no food waste. Our farmers and producers pick and make only what is ordered which guarantees that you are getting the freshest food possible! From eggs, to produce, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, pantry staples, and more!

We have convenient locations in Woodstock, Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo.

It’s super easy: create an account, and place your order. Learn more about HOW OUR PRE-ORDER FORMAT WORKS.

We hope to see you during the market season.