How it Works

Our online market runs weekly year round for pick up at our 4 locations (Kitchener, Guelph, New Dundee or Woodstock) or home delivery Friday afternoon to K-W, Cambridge and Guelph. Mississauga Delivery is every other week on Saturday morning.   See below for additional info for the Niagara Fruit season.

Ordering is open each week from Monday 12:30pm till Wednesday 12:30pm. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive our weekly e-mail with details on what is available each week plus other updates.

Our pre-order format is simple: We speak to all of our suppliers just before each ordering period opens, and they tell us what items they will have available. You are selecting from food so fresh it hasn’t even been picked yet! Our farmers harvest only what was ordered (often less than 24 hours from farm to table), and we bring it to one of our convenient market locations for pickup.

No food waste. No membership fees. No GMOs. No chemicals. Just clean food.


Create your account.

It’s easy! Enter your name, contact info and you’ll be good to go.

Click the newsletter box to receive weekly notices of what’s available during the upcoming ordering period. There’s no obligation to place an order – but we’re pretty sure you’ll want to!

If ordering is not open you can add items to your wishlist by clicking the heart on the picture or clicking Add to Wishlist from the product info page. When ordering opens you can with the click of a button add your wishlist to your cart. 

Place an order.

Each week ordering opens at 12:30pm on Monday and if you signed up for the newsletter you’ll be emailed a list of what’s new during the current ordering period.

You can view products by category or sub category. If you want to see all the products available from a specific vendor (for instance fresh produce) simply click the Veg category and then click from the drop down menu to Sort by Vendor ASC (ascending) or Sort by Vendor DESC (descending). In this view you will see all the produce from each vendor in alphabetical order from either the top or bottom of the alphabet. 

Simply shop for the items you want by clicking the shopping basket on the picture or Add to Cart from the Product page. When done adding items to your cart make sure your address and phone number are correct and select your pick up or delivery location and continue to select your payment method. Once your order is submitted you’ll receive an e-mail confirming the items ordered and your total due upon pick up or by e-transfer if you did not pay by credit card at checkout. E-transfers are to be sent to


Pick it up.

We have several convenient pickup market locations Friday afternoon.

The Brookfront Farm Store is located at 2053 Bridge Street, New Dundee, and is open until 10-6 pm Monday - Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday.  Market pickup at this location is from 3 pm – 6 pm on Fridays, and 10 am – 4 pm Saturdays

Guelph pick-up is at the Red Chevron Club, 34 Elizabeth Street from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm on Fridays.

Kitchener- Waterloo pick-up is at The Alpine Club located at 464 Maple Ave, Kitchener from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm on Fridays.

Woodstock pick-up is at St. John’s Anglican Church Eastwood, 685860 Oxford 2,  from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm on Fridays.

If you selected Delivery, your order will be delivered to your door Friday afternoon in KW, Cambridge or Guelph or Saturday morning if you are in Mississauga.  (Please note there is a $75 minimum order for Mississauga delivery.)

Summer Fruit Pick up

During the summer Niagara fruit season there is an additional pick up option. 

- Pfennings Organic & More in St Agatha is a depot for the Palatine Fruit from Niagara. This location is a FRUIT ONLY pick up location so do not order other products off the website if you are picking up at Pfennings. Fruit orders picked up here need to be pre-paid if paying by e-transfer or credit card. Cash is accepted at pick up.