Chocolate Chip Soft Cookies - GoGo Quinoa / Available in store.

$5.75 / 168g

gluten free cookies

gluten free cookies

Coconut oil, Brown rice flour, Cane sugar, Chocolate chips (Cocoa mass, Cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa powder), Tapioca starch, Vegetal glycerin, Apple sauce, Kaniwa flour, Coconut, Citrus fiber, Agave fiber (inulin), Quinoa flour, Chia seeds, Baking soda, Vanilla essence, Xanthan gum, Pink salt, Sunflower extract.

Supplier Farm: GoGo Quinoa

GoGo Quinoa, a leading Canadian Company that focuses primarily on quinoa, produces a wide range of organic, high-quality products, resulting from over 14 years of ancient grain quinoa know-how.

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