“Hands down food is the biggest passion for me,” says Madi Warnock owner/operator of the Galt Juice Company. “As a child I fell in love with my grandma’s garden.”
While studying in Toronto to become a financial analyst Madi worked part-time at various restaurants and trained under chefs who were focused on vegetables. The day came when she realized it was food and not finances that was the fuel in her soul.

She could see a lack of healthy and convenient options in this area whereas “in the city there are as many healthy options as coffee shops. Two years ago I moved back to Galt,” (her family’s hometown for seven generations) “rented kitchen space and started pressing juice.” There was also a personal push to provide close to home goodness. Her sister suffers from a rare form of cancer that produces tumors that can be removed only by surgery. She has undergone four surgeries in the last 10 years. Since again and again it is proven that our bodies respond positively to whole, pure foods pressing juice was Madi’s contribution to her sister’s battle.

Galt Juice Company’s juices are created from local organic produce. “This area has so many incredible farmers; farmers who care about how they treat the land,” affirms Madi. The produce is picked up every other day from the farms and is then processed by weight. For example their most popular juice for serious green drinkers is the Green Beast. The finished 500 ml bottle, held in the hands of its fans, has been pressed from about four pounds of greens.

Whatever juice is being concocted begins with its poundage of produce being tossed into a Good Nature X-1 juicer and made into a mash. From there it is placed into a cloth bag and pressed. Start to finish each batch takes 45 minutes. It is an efficient, cool system where no heat is introduced causing the break down of digestive enzymes. The juice is then bottled by hand. There are no additives and no waste as the pulp from the juicer is donated to a farmer who feeds it to his land and cows. An entirely transparent operation.

Madi is thrilled that The Sustainable Market is able to offer her juices to its customers as she is such an advocate for getting more and more people educated on the value of wholesome food. She suggests that if green juices are new to you then a good introductory option is their Tropics juice made from pineapple, kale and oranges.
I had one and it’s yummy. It would seem that the exchange of finances for food will pay living dividends.