Kitchener’s Cocoon Apothecary Makes a Wide Range of Earth-Friendly Products

With harsh winter weather approaching, thoughts often turn to how best to keep from looking like the Cryptkeeper. Not to worry; we’ve got your back! And, well, your face.

We offer a large variety of Cocoon Apothecary products to help you offset the ravages of winter so that no one needs to resort to hibernation.

If you’ve never heard of this company, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their products. They are all made with plant-based certified organic ingredients. Their products are also vegan and come packaged in glass containers as a better alternative to plastic. And you’ll be supporting local as Cocoon Apothecary is based in Kitchener!

Still concerned about the negative effects of this winter’s weather on your skin and not sure these amazing products will cut it? Then might we suggest a long soak in some relaxing Cocoon Apothecary lavender bath salts to melt that worry away. Or, as a last resort, perhaps a few months of deep, uninterrupted slumber.